3 Reasons to Secure Your Auto Body Repair Shop Today with a Fence

So many auto body repair shop owners fail to realize the value of protecting their property with a fence. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting in a commercial chain-link fence or wood fencing, because keeping your business enclosed and protected is the ultimate way to guarantee your company’s safety, security, privacy, and so much more.

Now you might be thinking, “It’s going to be a real hassle to get in and out of the auto body shop if I have a fence around it. I’m going to have to get out of the car every day to open the gate and unlock the fence in the morning.”

Guess what? At this point in time, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only can you get a commercial chain link fence, you can also install an automatic sliding gate to enter into the driveway of your garage quickly and easily without ever having to get out your car. It runs by remote control, is completely safe and secure, and it will protect your business from vandals, thieves, competitors trying to spy on your business at night, and just about anything else you could possibly think of.

As you can see, we’ve barely scratched the surface of reasons why you should hire commercial fence companies to install a fence at your auto body shop. We’ll now take a look at some of the most important reasons you should consider making this change sooner rather than later.

Reason #1: Customer Vehicles Are Protected from Vandals, Neighborhood Kids, and Other Potential Hazards

As an auto body shop owner, you obviously do all kinds of repair work and custom auto body repairs on client and customer cars throughout the workday. As an example, let’s say you install a brand-new windshield on one of your customer’s Lincoln Navigator. Obviously, this is an expensive piece of glass and it would be a real shame if a neighborhood kid broke the windshield that same night because they were able to walk on your premises and smash it with rocks.

Not only is your customer going to be really upset when they come to pick up their Navigator in the morning, only to find out that the windshield was broken again the previous night. It’s also going to cost a pretty penny out of your pocket to replace the now damaged windshield that you’re currently responsible for.

On the flipside, kids and even some adults have very little respect for property these days. They may want to invade your privacy and premises at night and spray paint graffiti on the side of the building. Or even worse, they could potentially spray paint graffiti on customer vehicles that are parked in your lot. This could lead to all kinds of problems for you and really cause major issues for your business. So putting in commercial chain link fence or even a wooden fence is definitely a good idea.

Reason #2: Installing a Fence Proves to Your Customers That You Are Concerned with Security

How do you think your customers are going to react when they see their car parked in a lot that’s totally unsecured? Are they going to be excited to leave their vehicle on your premises? Or are they going to choose an auto body shop that cares about security because they have a fence installed protecting customer vehicles from outside elements?

You may not realize this, but you could be losing customers because security hasn’t been a priority for you thus far. Customers may drive up to your shop and noticed that the building and garages are completely wide open and decide to go to one of your competitors instead that has a chain-link security fence and sliding driveway gate. Stop losing customers because of a lack of security and finally install fences Houston TX around your auto body shop property right now.

Reason #3: A Security Fence Could Lower Your Insurance

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You obviously spend a decent amount of money every month to insure your business. If you let the insurance company know that you’ve installed a security fence around your property, this could potentially lower your insurance premiums by a wide margin.

So if you’re looking to save money over the long run, installing a security wrought iron fencing is definitely a smart move to make. Not only will it help you cut down on your insurance premiums, it will also add value to your property and make it worth more money over the long run, which is certainly just as good as saving money.


Clearly, there are many reasons why you should secure your auto body shop with a fence today. So please take our advice, use this information as a guide, and contact professional chain link fence installers sooner rather than later to secure your premises so you can finally sleep at night.